Small Hydro Electric Projects

  • Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been prepared for 3 MW (2 X 1.5MW), Jambhira SHEP in Mayurbhanj District and 4.2 MW (2 X 2.1 MW), Kanupur SHEP in Keonjhar District . Mou has been signed with Engineer in Chief (Electricity) for development of Kanpur SHEP.

  • Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR) for 13 (thirteen) nos. SHEPs with approximate capacity of 168 MW have been prepared by GEDCOL.

  • Out of these 13 SHEPs, GEDCOL has requested State Technical Committee (STC) for allotment of 4 nos. SHEPs namely, Kharag - I, II, IIA and III (Kandhamal District) of capacity 96 MW in favour of GEDCOL for development.

  • Apart from this, Board of Directors of GEDCOL has also accorded approval to take up Salki – 1, 2 & 3 (Kandhamal District) projects for a capacity of about 36 MW. The proposals has been submitted to STC for allotment.

  • PFR for another SHEP namely, Garjan Khol (Angul District) of approx. 10 MW capacity is under preparation by M/s WAPCOS.

  • GEDCOL and Steel Authority of India Limited, Rourkela have agreed to develop 15 MW, Mandira SHEP in Sundargarh District in Joint Venture mode. Preliminary survey has been completed by M/s MECON and site for installation of Power House has been finalized. DPR for the same is under preparation by M/s MECON.

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